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Spiderman on the Wrong Bus

Posted by Andrew Baird on March 24, 2011
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I had one of those funny moments last night – you know ones where you have a look at something your kids have done and…

Just have a big old laugh

There was Spiderman sitting on the LittlePeople bus, looking totally like a fish out of water. Completely out of place.

Spiderman On a Bus

Then it got me thinking, you see for a long time I was Spiderman. I was the odd man on the bus.

Certainly no-one told me I was the odd one out – and I don’t even know if anyone else knew it, but I felt that way. You see I was looking to go somewhere different with my business, I wanted to have an amazing business, and the people around me didn’t seem to want that. And I was desperate to find people who did.

You see I believe you make things easier for yourself by hanging out with people who want the same thing as you. People you can bounce ideas off, people who can inspire you, challenge you, push you. People you can turn to when you’re stuck, and people who support you in going for what you want.

I don’t know if you’ve had the same experience as me, but being a business owner who’s going for it, who wants to go out there and help a lot of people and yes make a lot of money can seem like a very lonely road.

But here’s the funny thing, the more clear I am on what I want, the more it seems to turn up. So the more clarity I gained on the people I wanted around me, the more they started showing up in my life.

And hey if this sounds a little bit weird or woo woo, then I’m going to say whatever. I care about results, I care about what works, and I’ve seen this work time and time again. So today I am blessed to still be Spiderman, but now on my bus I have Professor X, Ms. Marvel & The Silver Surfer.

Who do you have on your bus? Is it who you want or not? If not, define exactly who they are, and keep your eyes peeled – they’ll turn up.

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