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Relax and Chill Out

Posted by Andrew Baird on January 12, 2010
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Welcome to 2010 – Here’s to another fantastic year :D .  My first post for this year is based around what we spent our New Years break doing – relaxing and chilling out.  And it’s something that is vital for us to do – life can be so hectic these days (whether you own a business or not) and it’s crucial that we create some space to step away from everything and rejuvenate.

We spent ours at Oreti which is a blissfully quiet resort beside Lake Taupo.  I had discussed with my Coach what we would do at the end of the year to know that we had made it and achieved so much during the year.   I got a clear mental picture of relaxing on a deck with both the kids asleep and us looking out over Taupo – fortunately Kim was able to find the resort that fitted my mental picture.

We intentionally set it up so that we did relax and renew ourselves – no TV, no games, just books and quality time together as a family.  I read Andre Agassi’s new book “Open: An Autobiography” – which is an amazing read and I know I’ll read it again – plus I’ll probably do a post on what I got out of the book.

We also spent some time working more on the Vision for Amazing Business and this has really helped us hit the ground running this year – and to know what to focus on and what to delete.  I realised last year that Vision was the big thing that was missing and holding us back, and given how inspired I have felt for the start of this year I know it’s building powerfully on the work on Vision we did last year.

So far it has also confirmed for me a theory that one of our clients (who has taken a new business from $0 to worth over a million dollars in less than a year) has – he believes that the way you start your year sets the tone and the energy for the year ahead.  Here’s to more of this energy because I’m loving it – how did you spend your New Years?

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