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Don’t Start if You’re a Non-Starter

Posted by Andrew Baird on October 26, 2009
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In Business and in life it’s as important to know What Not to Do as well as What to Do – often people fall into one camp or the other so work out which one you sit in and see if the flip side is a blind spot for you…

This post is for entrepreneurs who expect success to come packaged exactly as they expect with no need to join the dots.  No need to think outside the box – or work to make things fit.  In my experience this is a big What Not to Do that people often fail to see.

I needed to catch a cab in the city the other day and I didn’t have any cash on me – so I was intending on paying using EFTPOS (a debit card).  Open the first cab door “Do you have EFTPOS?”, “No…”  Shut the first cab door.

Open the second cab door “Do you have EFTPOS?”, “No, but there’s a cash machine just across the road – I’ll drive you there.”  Well sure I’ll jump right in.  Now this is smart on a number of levels – number one he’s thinking on his feet.  When I ask him a question and he gives me a different answer to the one I want he’s ready with a quick solution.

Secondly it’s making him more money – twice!  First he got the sale (versus the first guy who let it walk off) and secondly he’s driving me across the road (like 10 metres away) and turning on his meter earlier and making more money, fantastic!

Now maybe the first guy didn’t know that there was a cash machine across the road – but there were other ways he could have solved the problem.  Fact is he didn’t really want to be making money – the second guy did.  He used his ingenuity to come up with a quick solution to his customers problem to doing business with him.

So now it’s time to ask yourself the question – where is a lack of ingenuity costing you money?  Where are you not solving problems for your customers that allows you to provide them more value and put more money in your wallet.


P.S. If you fall in the same camp as the first guy and you’re going “Ouch – I don’t really want to be making money???”  Don’t beat yourself up about this – learn the lesson and get focused on what you need to do to make the money.  The point of this post is to help you come on over to the money side if that’s where you want to be.

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