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Where have You Been?

Posted by Andrew Baird on July 01, 2009
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So it’s been a while since I did a post, I even have four posts written that I haven’t put up yet so the question is why?

Well today is July 1st, which means we are now officially half way through the year – wow it’s gone quick! Kim and I have spent the last month focused on two things, the plan for the rest of the year and the Entrepreneurs Boot Camp I attended at Palazzo Versace. As part of the plan for the rest of the year we have been deleting things from our businesses that don’t make sense.

All too often as Business Owners it’s easy to get into the trap of being a “Yes” person and going with the flow. What I mean by this is saying Yes to opportunities that pop up in front of you – without questioning whether it is part of your Big Vision or plan for your Business.

One of my mentors calls these “Blow Fly” opportunities, meaning they’re in your face BUT you should shoo them away and not get caught up in them. And I can see that we have definitely done that at times in the first half of this year and we’re putting in place some practices to make sure it doesn’t happen in the next six months.

I highly recommend you take the time to review your business results in the first half of the year, both in terms of how much profit you’ve made – but also in terms these two questions:

  • Is your Business becoming the money making vehicle you want it to be?
  • Are you enjoying it and using it to create the life you want?
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