Business Coaching Doesn’t Work

Posted by Andrew Baird on September 07, 2010

Is it a scam?  Every so often I run into someone who is very sceptical about business coaching.  They either don’t believe it works, or they think it’s some kind of scam – shouldn’t coaches run a business instead of showing others how to do it?

Here’s the thing – I know business coaches work.  I’ve seen it work in my business (yes I have a coach, in fact sometimes I have coaches for different parts of my business) and I’ve seen it work for others.  But why should you care?

Here’s why you should take notice of this – a good business coach will help you make more money while working less.

Sound like a pipe dream?  When I first started working with a coach he helped me take my profits to more than double what they were – without having to work more.  Earlier this year I helped one of my coaching clients create a new income stream (with only a few hours work) that has made her thousands of dollars every month since then.  Sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it!

What do coaches do to make this change?  Well every coach is different, but some of the ways they do this are:

- Improved Marketing & Sales – most money in business comes from sales and marketing so improving this has a big effect

- Show you how you can structure your business so that it is providing massive value to your customers, while increasing your profits and allowing you to work less in your business

- Strategic Business Planning – which sounds really boring but helped me increase my profit by 50% while working less with just one strategy

- Easy Tactics to make more while working less – these are powerful tactics that most business owners don’t know about that help you bring in extra cash easily

How do they do this?  Again the ways differ from coach to coach – and coaches will use different ways for different clients.  Usually however it’s face to face or phone meetings to discuss the clients business and work out “where to from here”.

There will often be other parts that go along with the coaching, there may be monthly tele-conferences, or group mastermind meetings, additional training programs, or exercises or actions to be done by the client.

Can you do this yourself?  Or with mates?

Sometimes you can coach yourself, if you have the right level of business experience and know how then you can be “your own coach”.  Only you can decide if that’s the case for you – and you’ll find out through your results if you are right.

Think about this for a minute though – professional athletes all have coaches, because they know it gives them an edge.  If you want more of an edge for your business to give you an advantage then a coach may be right for you.

Another way that is similar to coaching is to set up a mastermind group, where you get together with other business owners and mastermind together to improve each other’s businesses.  Usually you’ll work on one persons business at a meeting – or take turns to discuss each business.

Just make sure you get a good group together – when I first started in business I knew almost no-one in business and those that I did know didn’t make very much.  And this is important to get right – you want people who know what they are doing, you don’t want to head your business in the wrong direction from poor advice from people who aren’t very successful in business.

What could this mean for you?

Take a minute now to ask yourself these questions and really think about the answers seriously.  What could change for me and my business if I had some coaching?  What would an additional 50% profit in my business look like?  If you are just starting out what would money in the door faster mean for your business?

If you could change one thing in your business right now, what would it be?

I would love to hear your comments below about what you would change and what it would mean for you.

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